Reddy's Sankshema Sangam

JakkiReddy.Ravinder Reddy

Welcome to Reddy's Sankshema Sangam

                                        REDDY'S SANKSHEMA SANGAM is registered with Regd.No 950/2010 as Charitable Trust.

Due to minute reservation for Reddy's caste,poor student are unable to have their higher eduction. Even the merits students are not getting eduction due to their financial conditions.

The main motto of our organisation is to support the girls for higher eduction who have been studied in government schools. This will be a great support to their future endeavors.Their merits are valued by our organisation.

Reddy's Sankshema Sangam helps the poor reddy students to make their dreams fulfill by means of education.

Reddy's Sankshema Sangam provides free Medical Camps to the poor families; Free computer training for girls students for their better future; Employment opportunities are provided for unemployed talented students.

For this motto, Reddy's Sankshema Sangam association is gathering all the reddy families together at one platform.

By this gathering,we will come to know the specific problems of reddys and we can help to one , best together.

Requesting you to support Reddy's Sankshema Sangam Join us with your valuable thoughts for developing this welfare association.

Reddy's Sankshema Sangam deals with Indian Bank kukatpally.
Bank Details:
Account NO:6267407189;
Account Name:Reddys Sankshema Sangam;
IFSC Code:IDIB000B120


1. K.SUJATHA Intermediate First Year,M.P.C

2. K.PRIYANKA Intermediate First Year,C.E.C

3. B.LAXMI Intermediate Second Year,M.P.C

4. P.LAVANYA Intermediate First Year,M.P.C


Mungala . Ram Reddy


General Secretary
Challa . Anirudra Reddy


Maddula . Kasi Reddy